Lamp-Pumped Laser Heads


Lamp Pumped Laser Heads are the heart of every Solid State Laser. Lamp Pumped Laser Heads fulfill a dual mission. On one hand, they are concentrating the pumping lamp radiation to the active element (crystal rod). On the other hand, they have to provide housing and cooling channels for the elements they contain. For this reason, they are employing a sectional metallic jacket and elastic gaskets to ensure their robust and sealed assembly.

Lamp Pumped Laser Heads feature individual cooling channels for lamp and active element, as well as dual piping connectivity for versatile mounting.

Our long-lasting and continuous research resulted in the development of a series of Lamp Pumped Laser Heads maintaining the minimal dimensions and weight, while exhibiting improved performance characteristics.

Technical Description

Our Lamp Pumped Laser Heads incorporate a Specular Reflectors, which combine and integrate in one solid optical element attributes and technical characteristics necessary to perform simultaneously the following functions:

(a) Cooling duct for both lamp(s) and laser rod(s);
(b) Filtering-absorbing undesired UV radiation, thus protecting the rod from long term solarization;
(c) Attenuating “lateral depumping” effects i.e. energy losses caused by the rod’s side emission, by absorbing it and preventing its back-reflection
(d) Reflecting of lamp emitted light energy for pumping of laser rod.

Lamp Pumped Laser Head is hosting the lamp and the rod in separated cooling channels, thus allowing simultaneous coolant supply and achievement of thermal lens’ optical axis stability due to reduced turbulence.

Selection of metallic jacket material between stainless steel and titanium provides an additional possibility of unexceptionally matching of Lamp Pumped Laser Heads to desired application. Selection of fine materials makes them suitable for a wide range of applications including industrial, scientific, medical and military lasers.